1. Not convinced  

    Bailinson told NYT that the number was just an estimate. And the Columbia spokesperson told NYT that 100 lbs was off by a factor of 10. It doesn't mean Vicki lied or Spec misreported it, just that Vicki gave a casual estimate that Bailinson repeated. And then everyone who saw it on his facebook and all the news orgs took it as gospel even though it wasn't.


    I think this entire institution would stop fighting so much if everyone just calmed the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and had more sex. And that's real talk.

    - Penn State BS/MD Accelerated Program
    - Columbia Accepted, Class of '15, $0 Financial Aid.
    - Contemplating transfer/slightly regretted not coming at first due to intellectual handicappedness of my current college but now don't regret it one bit after reading Bwog for an entire year. Why is everyone here act like they got a stick up their ass? Sesriously, some of you are prob good people. JUST NEED TO CHILL OUTZ.


    with that said, this is probably a gigantic PR move by Nutella.

    hey, if thousands of intelligent columbia young 20-somethings are hoarding it like the nile river before a drought, then I WOULD LOVE IT TOO!!

    how many of you know someone who actually hoards that much nutella? and no postings by nutella please.

  4. Anonymous  

    sometimes I feel like bwog is the only competent group of people on campus

  5. ummmm  


  6. She probably  

    Just fudged the numbers

  7. Bill "Swag Beast" Clinton  

    It's arithmetic!!

  8. Anonymous

    bwog is on it. (eye roll)

  9. I once broke up with a girl over Nutella

    Walked into her dorm room and she had a jar between her legs and chocolate smeared on her face. Just couldn't get that image out of my head

  10. Transfer-Conflicted Columbia Accepted Penn State kid

    ^^ That's NUT[ella]S

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