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.2: the difference between being mortal and being the Sun

.2: the difference between being mortal and being the Sun

In an email sent to students yesterday, it was announced that Barnard would be raising the GPA cutoff for the Dean’s List from a 3.4 to a 3.6. The change will take place Fall of 2013. This will align standards at Barnard with the 3.6 GPA cutoff for Columbia College, which has been in place since 2001. Registrar Brown points out that besides changing the GPA cutoff, it is important that Barnard is making the move from a year-long requirement to a standard that operates on a semester basis. This will, “for the first time enable January transfers, February graduates, and students who go on study leave for one semester to be on Dean’s List,” says Brown. It looks like majoring in Unafraid just got a little more difficult – with honors, anyway. Read the full email below.

To all students:

Effective fall 2013, the requirements for Dean’s List will change, as approved by the Barnard faculty. Dean’s List will be based on the semester GPA, not on the year GPA, and the threshold will rise. Starting in fall 2013, a student who completes at least 12 letter-graded points (that is, points graded A through F, not Pass) with a semester GPA of at least 3.60 will be on Dean’s List. (For 2012-13, the previous policy is still in force: 12 letter-graded points for each semester and a full-year GPA of at least 3.40.) The new policy is in line with that of Columbia College. The new policy will recognize strong academic performance each semester, and will for the first time enable January transfers, February graduates, and students who go on study leave for one semester to be on Dean’s List.
Constance Brown, Registrar

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  1. Robert  

    I got nothing witty and douchy to say...


  2. sorry to be that person  

    yeah yeah yeah. ok so i know this post is going to get a lot of hate...i'm sorry. anyone know the rough cutoffs for CC cum laude and magna and summa? i know very well that the presence of a few extra latin words on my diploma is in no way correlated to how much value i squeezed out of my time at columbia. i'm just curious.

    • gpa

      I know someone who had 3.82 and was cum laude and someone who got 3.89 and didn't (get anything). I know a 3.94 who got magna cum laude. All in CC, won't reveal who, cuz that would be unethical I spose, but there's the numbers I have. I think someone got 4.00 and was summa cum laude (surprise, surprise). I'm pretty sure these are all 100% accurate, rounded and stuff, but I may be slightly off in my info cuz I'm relying on memory or whatevs.

      In any case, shows that summa cum laude must be crazy hard and, also, that it's not just purely by GPA.

    • Anonymous  

      My recollection from talking to GS peeps is that FOR GS LAST YEAR, it was ~3.8 for magna and ~3.9 for summa. But you can still be ineligible, particularly if you ever had any serious issues like academic suspension, fail a class or whatever. Unfortunately I don't recall the cutoff for regular cum laude... I thought 3.6, but that seems too low...

      captcha: Honorius

    • Anonymous  

      The Bachelor of Arts degree is awarded with honors in three categories (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude) to no more than 25 percent of the graduating class, with no more than 5 percent summa cum laude, and the total of summa and magna cum laude not exceeding 15 percent. College honors is the highest academic recognition awarded by the College. The Committee on Honors, Awards, and Prizes reviews the academic records of the top 35% of the graduating class. Selection is based not on GPA alone, but on the breadth, depth, and rigor of academic program, high quality of academic achievement, departmental recommendations, and outstanding academic work beyond that which is required for the degree.


  3. Van Owen  

    Tough luck, ladies. Just know that you'll always have a place on the Dean's List scratched into my bedpost.

  4. blunts in butler  

    Fuck dean's list. Get stoned.

  5. Anonymous

    So the Barn Yard wants more birds?

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