Classical Composers on Campus: Free Concert!

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Better ingredients, better music, LyricLion.

The Miller Theatre Fund allows student performing arts groups to use the professional stage for an evening.  Columbia Chamber Players is using it to debut the student music-writing group LyricLion

Need a break from Butler?  Head on over to Miller Theatre to see the new campus group, LyricLion’s first (FREE) concert on Monday, March 11th at 8pm. This group is bringing classical chamber music to the masses, performing 12 new works (including several world premieres!) by Columbia performers, composers and songwriters. You know you’re not at a normal classical concert when a ukulele comes onstage or when you hear snippets of the Super Mario Bros theme song!

If you still aren’t convinced that this is the perfect study break for you, then check out their soundcloud and prepare to be swept away by the musical stylings of Columbia Chamber Players, the CU Guitar Ensemble, and LyricLion.  With so many different performers, composers, and songwriters featured in this performance, you’re sure to know someone involved!

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  1. Olivia Harris Fan  

    Please upload full version of "Til the Music Stops" k plz thx much appreciated

  2. Olivia  

    You make me happy :)

  3. Anony

    Why do these things always have to happen during/right before midterms or finals...

  4. OMG  


  5. rebecca gray

    solomon. rules the school.

  6. Will Hughes  

    Miller Theater Fund isn't new, it's existed for years in its current iteration

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