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what if we made Barnard's bathrooms gender inclusive AND installed more full length windows?

What if we made Barnard’s bathrooms gender inclusive AND installed more full length windows?

As spring break approaches, SGA met last night to discuss gender inclusive bathrooms on Barnard’s campus. Bwog sent towel-equipped Maddie Ball (in honor of Douglas Adam’s birthday) to get the details.

This week, SGA was joined by Maddy Popkin of Q, Barnard’s premier and only LGBTQA club. The topic of discussion? Bathrooms. Before you wrinkle your nose in disgust, Popkin joined the rep council to discuss a real shortcoming on Barnard’s campus: gender inclusive bathrooms. In case you were wondering, a gender inclusive bathroom is exactly what it sounds like: a restroom that can be used by any and all genders. For those who identify outside of the gender binary, having these restrooms available could mean increased convenience and comfort throughout the day.

Popkin’s primary goal is to have one gender inclusive bathroom in each of Barnard’s buildings- a certainly achievable goal. It also doesn’t hurt that President Spar is also totally on board, enthusiastically supporting Q’s project. After all, Q isn’t asking for renovations or rebuilds. They just want to change some signs around, removing the not so helpful stick figures that indicate gender (that skirt could be a kilt, amiright?) and adding obvious gender inclusive descriptors. Before plans could go into action, however, Dean Hinkson insisted on some form of indication of general student body support for Q’s initiative. SGA responded to this minor speed bump with enthusiasm, drafting up a letter of support for gender inclusive bathrooms that will hopefully get the ball rolling in the right direction.

In other news, Columbia Clefhangers is now officially recognized by Barnard! The co-ed a cappella group is approximately fifty percent Barnard women, which made the decision for SGA relatively easy. Also, mark your calendars because SGA election frenzy is on the horizon. For those interested in running, there will be information sessions March 25th through April 4th. Actual voting will take place April 9th-11th, so get excited. Enjoy your spring break and see you next time!

Barnard’s prefect’s bathroom on the fifth floor via Shutterstock

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  1. CC 14  

    My analysis class is at barnard and whenever I haven't been able to find any nearby nongirls bathrooms so this'd be chill.

  2. Anonymous

    It is easy to install small single occupancy restrooms with a toilet and a sink that anyone can use.

  3. Anonymous  

    Some buildings already have gender inclusive bathrooms. There's a single-room bathroom on the 1st floor of Barnard Hall. There's a multiple-stall bathroom on the 6th floor of Altschul. Don't think there's one in the Diana, and don't know about Milbank/the library.

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