Shit My Textbook Says: Moments of Zen

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We don't know why the textbook explained this to us... just take a deep breath

We don’t know why the textbook explained this to us… just take a deep breath

It’s midterm season, so here’s some textbook wisdom to help you relax. Breathe in as you follow in the trails of software engineer textbook writers, Chinese Communist Party officials, or even English post-punk bands, and a computer science ¬†book explains to you the drawbacks of judging groups by their population.

And an Astronomy textbook, which has an inspirational, reflective “Process of Science” page in every chapter; this one teaches us that “Exploring nature is a project of humanity, not of individual humans.” Words to live by.

Behold the wisdom.

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  1. Anonymous  

    but that exploration has to take place individually - in the mind of each individual. It's not like there is some implied "collective thought of humanity" that is credited with furthering progress in the exploration and discovery of nature. It is the -individual- creative thought that each scientist takes, which may be built on prior knowledge but still requires fundamentally individual analytic contribution.

  2. bwog is my least favorite thing but  

    you linked to Damaged Goods so A+++ for today

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