SGB Elections: the Power, the Glory

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With great power comes great responsibility

Get excited, guys — following the recent election, SGB has changed its board. Say hello to the new powers that be:

Chair: Abdul Rafay Hanif

Vice-Chair: Preity Nita Ponnaganti

Treasurer: Rajan Gupta

Secretary: Rakhi Agrawal

Representatives at Large: Fatimatou Diallo, Mariam Elnozahy, Tess Glassman-Kaufman, Ankita Gore, Shaynah Jones, Sameer Mishra, Adam Wilson

In addition, four new groups were also recognized. Generation Citizen, Columbia University Family Support Network, Inwood Academic Tutoring, and Student-Worker Solidarity have all joined the ranks of the SGB.

Congrats, guys! Here’s hoping they will use their powers only for good and never for evil.

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  1. David Fine  

    So pumped for everybody--Abdul is going to do a great job!

  2. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

    You need power first.

  3. Sorry for being disengaged  

    But what exactly does SGB do?

    • I  

      The SGB represents political, religious, activist, and humanitarian groups on campus. They stand up for the rights of all students on campus in front of administration across the board. They're the oldest governing board and cover all four undergraduate schools. Truly an awesome group of people to be around.


    ABDCHAIR no thats shirk

    CONGRATS to him and the whole new board, do great things!

  5. this is why i love columbia


  6. omg  

    raj gupta, so hot right now

  7. ksg ;)

    nitaaa!!! u and the rest of the board are gonna do amazing things - congrats :)

  8. TBH...  

    The name of Rakhi Agrawal should never be associated with power...let alone glory....

  9. Barnard

    I am surprised Rakhi didn't infiltrate this with comments flowering herself up yet.

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