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Previously on Life While You Were On Spring Break

Whether you spent the last week inebriated or sitting in your own filth, watching entire seasons of TV shows, you probably missed some newsworthy happenings. Luckily, Bwog is back with a roundup to distract you from the work you were supposed to do over break keep you informed.

J. school professor and author of “A Beautiful Mind,” Sylvia Nasar, is suing the university for $1 million for underpaying her funds provided by the Knight Foundation’s endowment toward the J. school. (Columbia, Capital, Nytimes)

Philip (CC ‘71) and Cheryl Milstein (Barnard ‘82) made a generous donation to the Columbia University Medical Center’s “campus revitalization” and new Medical and Graduate Education Building. (Columbia)

KSho deferred his decision to revoke ZBT’s charter. (Spectator)

There’s question over whether Columbia is keeping up with the $150 million community benefits agreement that is the University’s side of a deal to extend campus into West Harlem.  (dnainfo)

Bobby Fibel is Morningside’s unofficial mayor. (Nytimes)

What Fisher v. UT is really about. (Propublica)

Kimye has decided to name its baby North. The ordinal direction “north west,” besides apparently being something you can name your kid, also describes Columbia’s location in Manhattan. (Refinery29)

Tilda Swinton is in a glass case of emotion. (Gothamist)


Nope recaps didn’t make Lost any less confusing via 

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