Columbia Music Festival Announces More Acts

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Probably not this dark/cool.

Probably not this dark/cool.

Columbia Music Festival keeps getting more exciting! After their announcement two weeks ago that Hoodie Allen would be the festival’s first headliner, more acts have been announced today by WBAR, Live at Lerner, and WKCR.

WBAR announced that their headliner will be New York rapper Le1f. The concert will also include Queens rap trio Children of the Night, Kansas electronic producer MORRIs, and LA experimental beatmaker Earnest Blount. The show will take place at Lehman lawn starting at 5pm on Friday, April 12.

Live at Lerner will have Brooklyn electronic trio Archie Pelago at their concert on Wednesday, April 10, from 8-9pm in the Lerner piano lounge.

Finally, WKCR will host Barry Altschul’s BRAHMA, a New York City jazz trio. This will happen at the Lerner Party Space, starting at 8:30pm on Thursday, April 11.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Quite honestly, I've been positively surprised by this series of concerts. Bacchanal also has an amazing lineup about to be announced. This will be an AWESOME week.

  2. Anonymooose  

    I am very glad that I have heard of all of these performers.

  3. the diana  

    Le1f is going to be the best show this campus has ever seen


  4. Anonymous  

    this is awful

  5. Anonymous

    WBAR is amazing

  6. Anonymous

    sorry but I've never heard of any of these artists.

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