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In honor of the upcoming launch of a new movement, Nonviolence: No Higher Calling, sponsored by Columbia’s Art of Living Club, Bwog has come up with a few extra ways that you can tear down violence with your teeth and nails.The movement’s goal is to commit 100 acts of non-violence for each act of violence. They hope to reach one billion acts of non-violence, which, of course, corresponds to the one hundred thousand acts of violence which have been committed by humanity so far.

The movement will be launched on March 30th in New York City’s Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th St and 2nd Ave) at 2:00pm by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Of course, you’ve got your basic acts of not committing violence:

  • Hold the door open for an elderly person
  • Don’t not hold the door open for an elderly person
  • Don’t murder an elderly person
  • Stop stealing Nutella
  • Don’t send the blue shell
  • Take off your damn backpack when you get in a crowded elevator so it doesn’t hit us in the face

You could be satisfied with some of those, or you could take it to the next level:

  • Break up knife fights with your bare hands
  • Build a cozy nest for the spider you found in your bathtub. Feed it flies which died of natural causes.
  • Repave Pupin Plaza
  • Protest the existence of banana republics by spreading banana peels throughout campus
  • Turn off suggestive or angry music at a party
  • Check IDs with the bouncer at 1020
  • Follow children home to make sure they get there safe
  • Offer to grade your own CC paper so your teacher can spend more time with her kids
  • Politely ask all protestors of anything to go home (especially the loud ones)
  • Steal the padded shields from the football team so they can’t practice collisions
  • Put a slip n slide down College Walk

Finally, if you’re ready for the challenge, you can try these highly-recommended actions:

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  1. CC13  

    That escalated quickly.

  2. Yu

    I love the folks at Art of Living club. Nice, genuine, and always helpful - keep marching ahead we need clubs like you on campus.

  3. Anonymous

    could someone repave that pupin shit because i legit cannot walk in a straight line over there. too many holes, man.

  4. That Guy

    So wait...

    "The movement’s goal is to commit 100 acts of non-violence for each act of violence."

    That means it isn't optimal for a single person to perform one act of goodness. Rather, that person should punch his Friday night date's other male suitor in the fucking face (yeah, him!) in order to produce 100 acts of nonviolence.

    1 act of kindness < 100 acts of kindness produced by 1 act of violence.

  5. slip-n-sliding  

    In years past the white tarps that covered the lawns made wonderful slip-n-slides. And the slide was HUGE! And wonderful!

  6. its tuesday night  

    and im wasted

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