Bwoglines: Listen Up Edition

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"Tell me more about how many cabbies were killed each week!"

“Tell me more about how many cabbies were killed each week!”

If you dial a toll-free number from any payphone in Manhattan, you can hear a history of the neighborhood in 1993, courtesy of The New Museum. (CBS)

Supreme Court Justices will hear arguments on the meaning of marriage today, as they come to their decision about whether California’s Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional. (NYT)

Not that you need them, but here are some animated New York City etiquette tips. For your friends. (Mashable)

You know how you always feel like scum when you don’t pay the full recommended entry fee to the Metropolitan Museum? That feeling may be illegal. (BBC)

Maybe those rednecks from your hometown are smart for getting married young? (the Atlantic)

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