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The Ecstasy of Sonya, by one of last year's Core Scholars, Marian Guerra

The Ecstasy of Sonya, by one of last year’s Core Scholars, Marian Guerra

The deadline for applying to the Core Scholars Program is April 15th, only a few weeks away.

The Core Scholars Program invites any student who has taken a Core class to channel their fiery passion for the Core into an artistic Core Reflection. Core Reflections “analyze, question, dramatize, interpret, and (of course) reflect on the materials of the Core Curriculum in order to heighten understanding of Core topics, explore connections among Core works, and relate the Core to our contemporary world. Almost all formats and styles are welcome.”

The creators of the best Core Reflections will win the elite title of Core Scholar, as well as $200 and will have their work displayed on the Core Scholar Program website.

You can see last year’s winning Core Reflections here.

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    Uh, hey guys, just a tip, typing anything into your search box brings up a "403 Forbidden" page...

  2. BWOG is WRONG!  

    The deadline has been pushed to April 15th! Check yo facts

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