Housing Extends Deadline on Video Contest

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The McBain of your existence.

The McBain of your existence.

If you were hoping to win $500 in Flex and eternal fame by entering the room selection video competition, you now have a few extra days to create your magnus opus. The deadline has been moved from this Friday to the coming Monday at 4 pm. You’re limited to a mere three minutes and fifteen seconds to explain this labyrinth of a process, and complete rules can be found at the housing website. Here are a few suggestions on how to show the requirements:

  • “Lottery and Selection Priority”—Depict students in different circles of Dante’s Inferno, and those bastards in Paradiso. Lottery numbers above 2700 place you into the 9th circle.
  • In-Person Group Selection (formerly known as Suite Selection): What is it? Who participates?—Footage of uncontrollable weeping. Alternatively, reenact the last act of Hamlet.
  • Online Selection (formerly known as General Selection): What is it? Who participates?—Rolling shot of naïve freshmen during orientation.
  • Where do I go if I have a question?—Screenshot of Bwog.
  • Any music used in your video must not violate any music or lyric copyrights—Follow in Emlyn Hughes’ footsteps and play “Drop It Like It’s Hot” instead. What could possibly go wrong?
  • We will not accept submissions that include profanity or in any way violate the University’s essential policies—Swear. No housing video would be complete without a respectable lexicon of profanity. Make sure weed is visible in the background of the shot, too.

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  1. Anonymous  

    oh dat's clever because those are things that the administrators DON'T want you to put in your video lol you guys this is funny

  2. mcBizzles  

    Just film the bathrooms and holes in the wall to make sure to avoid here.


    I'll take the $500 please in Westside treats. thx bb.

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