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Looking for some cheap and oh-so-classy furniture for your dorm room? Look no further! Bwog received an email today from our beloved Ricardo Morales, Head of Public Safety, offering up a free cherrywood desk! While Bwog’s not sure it can fit both a giant desk and still have room for a bed in its room, we envy the person who gets to feel important every time they sit down to do some work. The desk has to be picked up today, but other than that it’s first come first serve!

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  1. LOL  

    Should post it free on CL.

  2. DAMN IT

    This would've been PERFECT for our 3-person start up company's new downtown office!! Faaaaaaaaaaack. We just spent $550 on a desk on Monday WTF.

  3. Ron Swanson

    Cherrywood. A fine wood, fit for holding a 40 oz Flank steak and a bottle of whiskey. Hopefully the desk will go to a man who uses his hands for a living and not scrapped for parts or even worse--a government office.

  4. Anonymous  

    He's not head of Public Safety.

  5. Anonymous

    Dear BWOG,

    Ricardo Morales isn't the head of Public Safety. He's a CUPS Manager in charge of Crime Prevention.

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