Bwoglines: Come Back Edition

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Intrepid street artist, Jay Shells, has completed his latest project, “Rap Quotes.” He traveled around the city putting up fake street signs at specific locations mentioned in rap songs. What’s even better is that he finally teaches us how to pronounce Schermerhorn (1:15). (Animal New York)

Plans to revitalize Harlem’s once vibrant jazz scene are well under way. Places like Minton’s Playhouse and the Lenox Lounge are on their way back to business – despite a number of unfortunate roadblocks. Harlem is that place you ended up when you forgot to transfer to the 1 train at 96th. (New York Times)

The anti-apartheid hero and all around incredible human being, Nelson Mandela, is responding well to treatment after being hospitalized for a lung infection. (The Guardian)

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