Bwoglines: Peeps Edition

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A flock of the rare species

Bwoglines takes the form of an acrostic, dedicated to the avian marshmallows that will stick to the intestinal walls of many today: 

Program for the 2013 Egg Roll. Lots of Eggtivities that will be broadcast live. (

Everything and anything to do in New York this spring. (Gothamist)

Epic “fail” and other verbs as nouns. (Nytimes)

Passé is not a word in Urban Outfittersdeliberately anachronistic world.(Buzzfeed)

Seek and you shall find…these Easter eggs from Ryan Gosling all around the city. (Huffington Post)

 The beady eyes are terrifying though via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    hmm... the "goslingization of Easter"

  2. ummm

    the article about the gosling easter egg hunt is from last easter... April 12, 2012 according to the article. No gosling hunts for us this year :/

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