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Starting this Monday, April 1st, the Diana Center 2nd Floor Lunchroom will simulcast WBAR (Barnard College Radio) programming over its loudspeaker during weekday lunch hours. From Monday to Friday from 11 am to 3 pm, members of the Barnard/Columbia community who have chosen to be well-nourished by the Diana Center Cafe will receive additional nourishment from our diverse mid-day lineup of shows. These shows run the gamut of genre and format, ranging from DJs playing hip hop to punk, global pop to contemporary indie, as well as talk shows featuring film review and general banter. Monday also marks 20 years since WBAR officially went on air (that’s longer than Justin Bieber has been alive!). Click for the full 24/7 schedule of shows—all of which are produced entirely by current members of the Barnard/Columbia student body.

There will be PSA’s and event announcements for campus organizations every hour so email if your student group has an initiative or event that you want to promote over lunchtime programming. WBAR executive staff will also be fielding questions and concerns about the shows at that email address. Listeners, feel free to call in at (212) 854-4773 to speak with DJs who are live on the air.



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  1. Anonymous  

    I am so excited for this.

  2. Anonymous  

    I wish something similar could happen for WKCR. I know the programming can get kind of weird sometimes but it's still a pretty awesome station that not enough columbians know about.

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