Butler May Close For Renovations

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Please god no

Please god no

A nasty life-changing rumor has been circulating campus from a Bwogger who spoke with some of the construction workers near Uris today. Apparently, Butler is due for some long-delayed construction in its lower levels that have been lingering fire hazards since last semester. Take a breather: our tipster reports that the work on the library won’t start immediately, but around the first week of May. The good news? A better Butler that won’t blow up due to sketchy ventilation. The bad news? Because of the equipment that will be in use in the basement, Butler will be closed during those weeks. Which will make for a nicely inaccessible main library during reading week and most likely through all finals this semester.

When asked why Columbia wasn’t choosing to repair Butler over the summer, or during any other week than finals week, Facilities mentioned the higher cost of construction and renovation during the summer months. Columbia thriftiness: making your day just a little brighter once again. We’ll update you with more information as soon as administration gets back to us.

Help us and your fellow students: pitch ideas for alternative study spots in the comments. Meanwhile, we’ll just be here setting up our camp ground for the rest of the semester in Uris.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Technically it *may* close for renovations

  2. perv in the stacks  

    Where am I supposed to go poon speeding now?


    third try bwog

  4. If this happens

    I know where you and your family live Prezbo.

  5. If this happens  

    I will burn Butler down myself

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