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Our post before may have been an April Fool’s joke, but this is real — maybe? According to a tipped email supposedly forwarded from Housing, a few unlucky students actually were given the wrong lottery numbers. The unluckiest of all would seem to be the rising sophomore Christian and his group, who were given the lottery number 1, only to later get this email.

Is Bwog being pranked or is this for real? You decide.

From: Columbia Housing
Date: Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 10:19 PM
Subject: Correction: AY 13-14 Housing Lottery Number

Dear Christian,

It has come to our attention that an error in our processing system assigned incorrect lottery numbers to several applicants. A corrected PDF will be released shortly and your appointment times will be updated accordingly.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Your lottery number is: 1244

You can also view your lottery number on the Housing website,

Please note that if you requested that your directory information be withheld, your lottery number is excluded from these PDFs. To view your lottery number, log in to the Housing Portal ( and proceed to the ‘Registration Summary’ step on your Academic Year 13-14 Housing Application. All students may view their lottery numbers via their application.

Regarding lottery numbers, please note:
– All group members have the same lottery number.
– Individual and group lottery numbers are in the same pool of numbers (1-3000).

Appointment times for In-Person Selection will be posted on the Housing website on Thursday afternoon, March 28. Appointment times for Online Selection will be posted on Monday, April 15.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Columbia Housing

UPDATE: Nope, this was definitely a prank pulled by one of Christian’s friends. Well done, well done, now PLEASE, NOBODY PULL ANYMORE PRANKS FOR AT LEAST A YEAR. 

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  1. Anonymous  

    never seen a CU Housing e-mail sent out at 10:19 pm? only CU Portal e-mails are that late

  2. Anonymous  

    also why would they repeat that in person lottery numbers "will be posted" on march 28th? fake

  3. Anonymous  

    The name is removed. yet his UNI remains....

  4. Dear Bwog  

    This is obviously fake.

    • Well  

      If it is fake, you have to admit that that he/he/she/it/they did a decent imitation of bureaucratese. It takes years of corruption to understand this mysterious language in which the most obvious is obscured.

  5. Anonymous  

    Oh my god, I didn't expect this to happen. Guys, this was just a friendly prank I pulled on Christian. I told him later too.

  6. Anonymous  

    Christian Zhang is such a wonderful human being. Making him sad should be a federal crime.

  7. Friend of Christian  

    Does that mean no more Christian running around in a chicken suit on Broadway?

  8. Anonymous  

    not hard to spoof an email. check the original email (the down arrow next to the reply button in gmail), you should be able to see the originating server.

  9. Anonymous

    damn kids and your damn pranks. get off my bwog!

  10. Anonymous  

    where did you steal this from... oh wait

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