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The comic as it stands now

The comic as it stands now

Yesterday’s XKCD comic “Externalities” changes its content based on a couple of factors, including which school is leading in a hash-breaking contest. How the whole thing works is explained pretty well here, but what we really want to bring to your attention is that Columbia is currently tied with MIT for 3rd place, behind Carnegie Mellon University and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. This is simply not good enough.

Bwog is pretty sure that its conception of a hash-breaking contest is far from accurate, but anybody who thinks that they can solve the mysterious problem “Currently looking for Skein 1024 1024 input matching” followed by a long string of numbers and letters should immediately go help Columbia out!



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  1. Anonymous  

    the cs department has the entire team on their back, as per usual

  2. Anonymous

    Skein? Pshhh! Keccak all the way.

  3. Anonymous  

    xkcd sucks. It's not really a comic, it's just a poorly-illustrated collection of anti-social musings and pathetic attempts to seem intelligent: "Look at how smart I am, I read an obscure Wikipedia article about something science-y"

    • Anonymous  

      And before anyone who loves xkcd criticizes me, let me just say that I actually do understand many of the jokes and references. I just don't find them funny at all. It's primary sense of humor is "look how wacky my ideas are! I barely fit into society because I'm so unique and know about math and Linux and understand things in ways that dumb ordinary people don't!"

    • Anonymous  

      I don't think you get it

  4. Anonymous  

    What is more interesting is that the National Security Agency is 6th, presumably a dude called Adam Greig is 9th, and further down the list we have cuntstunts, sexandcity and fuckgmail among countless other vulgar terms. Cheapens it a little.

  5. If you've got an OSX or Linux box, inside a screen or tmux session, type:

    git clone
    cd almamater

  6. DBA

    Nice work Jason, but you'll need a CUDA-capable variant to win. Any ideas?

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