RugHop on Barnard’s New Carpets

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Hold on to your hats, kids! Barnard’s got some swanky new carpets. The rugs say the names of the buildings on them (so you don’t get lost, I guess?). The downside? Sources say that some of the carpets are so plush that it’s making it hard to open the doors. Say it with me now: #firstworldproblems! In any case, behold Barnard’s new carpets!

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  1. Anonymous

    I guess this is what the tuition hike is going towards.

  2. Columbia Student  

    I guess even the floors at barnard don't shave in the gross women.

  3. Anonymous  

    I like them! I feel like I'm living in a video game and the name of my new location is flashing up on the screen.

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