1. Alright kids  

    Enough time trying to play grown up.

  2. Student Council Elections  

    are just popularity contests anyway.

    • Anonymous  

      On that note, write in Lion Party for CCSC Exec Board. Come on do it. You don't really care that much.

      Jake Davidson | Marilyn He | Grace Rosen | Jack Goetz | Sean Augustine-Obi

  3. Ayo, responding chica  

    Why you keep spelling it "amoing"?

  4. SEAS 16  

    ... can we vote for neither??

  5. Anonymous

    It's actually for ESC Executive Board: VP Communications

  6. Anonymous  

    Lol @ that person who said the student council has any power, thats like saying north koreans have the power to choose their glorious leader, may he never die!

    • Anon

      Agreed. The second comment suggesting that the student council has any sway was demagoguery. But hey, that's how public leaders are made.

    • Anonymous

      I'm pretty sure you get to vote for your student leaders AND you can decide whether you want to run for a position or not. Please don't whine about student council elections if you don't have the commitment and dedication to run for a position.

  7. Anonymous  

    Everyone sounded plenty polite. How was any of this "drama" or "mud-slinging"?

  8. Snaps

    For The Jillian Ross kickass rebuttal. I am not a close friend, nor am I in seas....but damn she knows how to get it done

  9. Anonymous

    I think we've found the cause of narcolepsy.

  10. Bwog is giving us election coverage vital to our robust student democracy! What r u doing dum spec?

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