Class of 2016 Facebook Group Drama: Flag Felony Edition

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The Class of 2016 Facebook group is getting a lot of action today.¬†Apparently a few drunk mischievous freshmen managed to steal a “very large” American flag, which sounds just like a night in John Jay, except for the fact that stealing a flag in the state of New York is a felony. Bwog is peeing its pants chuckling a little, but also hopes that the flag is safely returned.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Did you confuse Missouri with New York, or did you just not read the Wikipedia article you linked to?

  2. Anonymous

    These guys took the Columbia flag from Low Plaza, as well. I know one of the guys who's involved and he's shitting his pants because Public Safety has him on video taking it. Apparently the school is treating it as a larceny and these guys are going to get hammered for this prank.

    • I also know the guys involved  

      And you are a lying exaggerator lol

      • Anonymous

        Lying exaggerator? Really? You must be one of the culprits. Apparently you haven't been called in to speak with one of the investigators, yet. Oh, turning in the Columbia flag at Carmen, with a bullshit apology note, doesn't get you off the hook. You still need to turn in the American Flag.

        • MG  

          As another friend of the individuals involved (and no, I'm not "one of the culprits), I don't see how you're ameliorating the situation in the slightest. They are no longer in possession of the American flag, hence the need for a Facebook post. An attempt was made to return both flags, though some entirely unknown individual took the American flag before a public safety officer could reach it. I would recommend you determine the facts of the matter before posting anonymous slander.


  3. abashed and hungover  

    As one of the drunken culprits, I really would appreciate whoever picked up the flag on Sunday morning to return it to public safety. If it's not returned in the next few days, public safety has been clear about pressing charges (they explained that stolen goods >$1,000 constitute a felony in NY state). Completely our fault and we're sorry, but to whoever picked it up, we would really rather not have felony charges so that you can keep a large flag that you won't be able to brag about. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous  

    Are two flags really $1000? , but I am struggling to estimate the size.

  5. Blunts in Butler  

    Shit. I've been using this as a blanket for the past week. Dude, I'd give it back, but I vommed all over it. Tossed it in the JJ garbage chute. That shit was nasty.

  6. CC'14

    Wow, Public Safety is full of douche bags. Let the kids have some fun.

    • Anonymous

      The douche bags are these immature students who destroyed, stole, and lost University property. Don't blame the men & women of Public Safety who protect us and who ensure we have a safe educational experience. Most of those "douche bags" are retired NYPD officers and I'm sure they don't need some teenager to reduce their contributions to this University by labeling them as douche bags.

      • CC'14  

        Yes, these kids were drunk and stole University property. However, to RUIN their lives by charging them with a felony is far too harsh. This should be handled internally with perhaps, at most, a forced leave of absence, payment of stolen property, and community service. Charging them with a felony is indeed the overreaction I'd expect from retired NYPD cops. Also, I'm sure they are keeping us plenty safe while surfing the internet on their iphones in the lobbies of the dormitories. I'm not trying to condone their behavior, but to mess up their lives for a stupid adolescent mistake makes me take public safety even less seriously than before.

        • Anonymous

          So it's ok to let a Columbia student get away with a felonious act...what a grand sense of entitlement you have. Typical elitist douchebaggery.

          • CC'14  

            College is supposed to be a place where individuals grow, learn, and make mistakes. These kids stole a flag, in the grand scheme of wrongs done in this world this is joke. They did not hurt anyone, they did not deal drugs. They made a stupid mistake for which they should be held responsible. However, for the school to press charges shows how cold this institution can be at times. Deal with it internally, don't RUIN their lives for some harmless misguided action they committed when they were 18! I'm not an elitist douchebag, I'm a sympathetic pragmatist, who thinks is absolutely insane to destroy these kids lives for pulling a stupid prank.

      • Anonymous

        The individuals that work for Public Safety more closely resemble apes than men and women. Besides, with all the cash Columbia is sitting on, how is a couple hundred dollars a big deal? Selfish.

      • Really?

        Retired NYPD officers? That's a good one. I popped a few hemorrhoids from laughing so hard.

  7. Herp Derp  

    Heh send these clowns to jail!

  8. King Coulomb  

    They should be charged with a felony regardless of whether or not the flag is returned as well as for self-confessed underage drinking.

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