Overheard: Things They Are a Changin’

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Like this, but more Columbia

Like this, but more Columbia

Senior girl talking to her friend by Low: “I don’t have a Columbia sweatshirt because for the last three years I always thought I was going to be kicked out. I guess I should finally get one now.”

To all seniors: Congrats on not getting kicked out! Only a few months left to go.





Sexy sweatshirt photo shoots via Shutterstock

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  1. Anonymous  

    45 days actually, thanks Bwog

  2. Anonymous

    still have to actually pass all my classes this semester to graduate. although i've never failed any classes before.

  3. SEAS '13  

    "Congrats on not getting kicked out!"


  4. Anonymous

    i don't have one either because i fucking hate this place.

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