Bwog Asked: How Do You Feel About Bacchanal?

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He's looking at your answers and judging them.

He’s looking at your answers and judging you.

So… Bacchanal is coming up. It’s headlined as we all know by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, also featuring Flosstradamus and Morningsiders. Another thing: it starts at 11am. How do people feel about all this? Well, your trusty Bwog braved Butler in a quest for answers. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Girl in elevator: “I have a dance performance at 2 that day so… I mean I’m a little bummed I can’t make it, but I think all of us in the dance department are just like “eh, it’s a thing that happens.”
  • Boy with accent in 6th floor hallway: “I don’t know what that is! But I’ll google it later.”
  • Butler smoker: “Not excited about Macklemore, have never heard of Ryan Lewis; I’m a huge trap fan so Flosstradaumus is good, but they really could have stepped it up with the hip hop.”
  • Girl: “My thesis is due tomorrow so I have no thoughts about anything else.”
  • Girl in 209: “So excited!!! I’ll be there at 6 am!!!!”
  • Girl in 209: “Partying people. That’s all I know.”
  • Guy in Ref Room: “I wish it was Vampire Weekend, or Phoenix, or something, but it’ll do.”
  • Unfazed guy in all black: “My brother is in high school and gives more of a shit than I do.”
  • Girl applying makeup in the bathroom for 20 minutes despite head to toe Columbia sweat gear: “Don’t have time to think about it until at least Wednesday.”
  • Quiet guy in front of cafe: “Disappointed, I wanted A$AP Rocky…”
  • Guy near cafe:”I’m excited, the lineup is pretty good. But I don’t like how they tricked us by saying Macklemore wasn’t going to play and stuff.”
  • Friendly guy: “I think it’s gonna be… I wish it wasn’t so early. It’s gonna be hard to drink so early. But I think that makes it funnier.”
  • Guy on 3rd floor in passing: “Pumpppeeddd upppp!!!” (as he was walking away)
  • Girl with headphones: “I mean I’m excited but I wish it was starting later. But I’m still excited.”
  • Guy in a hurry: “I’m really excited… I love Morningsiders… probably because I’m in Morningsiders… the more people like Macklemore the more will come watch us so I guess I like him too!”

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  1. woooo  

    do you need a CU id to get in?

  2. I don't get it...

    Aesop Rock? Is that a joke?

  3. Vampire Weekend

    should play every year

  4. CC 13  

    Bwog, when is Holi? Please tell, I need to know!

  5. "Guy in a Hurry"  

    Is definitely Reid

  6. Anonymous  

    wtf to the person who likes Mack but not RL

  7. BC '13

    Where will they be checking CUID? At the gates or in a roped off area? Need more info about security please!!

  8. Anonymous

    Never going to top Snoop Dogg. It's all downhill for Bacchanal

  9. NO  

    You needed ID for Snoop Dog's year when they locked us all in little cages on the lawns. This concert's on the steps, and I imagine it would be a logistical nightmare for them to try to check IDs in a space that open.

  10. Van Owen

    I just rubbed one damn satisfying.

  11. fuck Macklemore

    This is depressing. Seriously, who the fuck listens to Macklemore??? Where the fuck is the EDM??

    Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Avicii, where art thou?

    At least give us Alesso, Porter Robinson or Zedd!

    Really disappointed in the poor taste this year and last.

  12. every year

    people say "oh i wish it was this person or that Dj" or some shit like that. When are people gonna realize that whoever's playing is secondary to the awesomeness that is the one day a year Columbians party hard. Get drunk. Get High. Have Fun.

  13. RUN THE TRAP  

    #flaxo #flaxostadium #traplife #runthetrap #trap

  14. Anonymous  

    not so pumped for this but HOLY SHIT wbar-b-q lineup is awesome

  15. prefrosh

    do you think if prefrosh are there for days on campus we can get into bacchanal without an ID?

  16. wait  

    what time is it starting? people are complaining about how early it is?...

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