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We all have stuff, and lots of it. By May 12th, that stuff has to be out of our current Columbia housing. So what are you going to do with it? Even if you’re staying in the city, there will be some items you would rather tuck away for the summer. The Housing Website has a few storage suggestions, but hardly a comprehensive list. So, Bwog presents a breakdown of the options for storing your crap this summer:

Hudson Storage

You probably recognize this storage company as the burly men in jumpsuits shooting boxes up and down ramps during move-in week, but they are actually Manhattan’s premier storage service.

As a well-established company that runs a massive operation, Hudson is definitely not the best bargain around. That said, if you’re looking for reliability regardless of the price tag, Hudson is the way to go.


Hudson will store your junk in a 5′x5′x5′ personal room for $187.50 per month (that will be about $600 for the whole summer, including tax).


Pick ups can be scheduled starting May 13th, and are made curbside (in front of your dorm).

Hudson provides complimentary curbside drop off (in front of your dorm) of Student Storage Bins Monday through Friday, excluding Labor Day; they will deliver the contents of private rooms on September 3, 4, and 5.


Hudson will handle your shit with love and affection. And maybe a few jostles. Storage is in an ADT secured fireproof warehouse.


You can access your stuff Monday through Friday during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) by appointment.


Dorm2Dorm is an extremely professional-looking startup founded by two University of San Diego graduates with the goal of providing convenient, respectful door-to-door storage service. Also, they have a really pretty website. The professionalism and lower total cost of Dorm2Dorm provides a compromise between Hudson and some of the less legit-seeming companies below.


Dorm2Dorm charges a flat rate per item per month, as well as the cost of storage supplies. While a full breakdown of storage prices can be found here, the company also provides several “model” situations to give a rough estimate of the total cost, all of which come in at about $100/month. Costs of packing supplies are available here, and are about the same as other companies. They also encourage you to order extra supplies, as they will not charge for any unused supplies returned at the time of pickup.

Optional insurance comes in at roughly $2/month/$100 insured.

Many additional services are subject to an extensive fee schedule.


While Housing has said that they will not allow storage companies to enter dorms for security reasons, Dorm2Dorm makes a personal appointment (in a two hour timeframe) to have one of their representatives meet you at the building and get your stuff securely in the company’s hands.


The way that Dorm2Dorm (and most of the other companies on this list) is able to make their service affordable is by renting large units that get more square-footage per dollar and then storing many customer’s boxes in a single space. While this might not be the most secure situation imaginable, any of the “per-box” storage companies operate on the same principle, and insurance is always an option for valuables.


Unlike the other companies, Dorm2Dorm offers an “Elite” program, which features private, climate controlled storage rooms and many other probably unnecessary features for $19/month. They also allow reasonable access with a day’s notice, should you need it, though with an attached fee (see above).

Campus Storage

Not to be confused with Off Campus Storage, this ambitious startup shares much with Dorm2Dorm at about the same prices. The storage service is a minimum three month contract, with the final month prorated.


Breaking it down, Campus Storage charges a bit less for supplies, but a bit more per item per month, so expect to pay about the same as you would with Dorm2Dorm, about $100/month. Insurance is cheaper, at $1.50/per $100 insured.


Same deal as Dorm2Dorm, Campus Storage will not be allowed to come to your room, but will make an appointment to have you hand off your packed boxes and any miscellaneous items outside the residence hall.


Climate-controlled, secure storage facilities in and around the city, same operating principle as Dorm2Dorm.


Campus Storage will deliver your stuff to you at any point in the middle of the summer, but at the cost of additional labor. The contract is also a minimum of three months, so you will still have to pay for any remaining time, even if they are not actually storing anything.


A subsidiary of U-Haul, the familiar truck rental and moving supply company, CollegeBoxes provides a mildly more corporate experience than the two startups at about the same price.


Full breakdown available here, with prices listed per item per semester. The standard storage kit that CollegeBoxes provides upon registration costs $39.99 and includes 5 boxes plus all the supplies you need to pack them. Whether you use all the boxes or not, the $39.99 is non-refundable.

Prices include $100 of insured value, with extra insurance at a rate of $3/month.


Using a more sophisticated (read: automated) registration process, CollegeBoxes requires you to print labels for your boxes from an online system. Also, their pickup windows are generally much larger than Dorm2Dorm or Campus Storage, about 4 hours.


Though the incident occurred four years ago, CollegeBoxes does not have a perfect track record for reliability. The company has since been acquired by U-Haul, and seems to have cleaned up its act. However, they will likely be shipping your stuff cross-country to cheaper storage facilities, while Campus Storage, Dorm2Dorm and Hudson store in local warehouses.


Supporting a multinational real-estate conglomerate!

Neighborhood Storage Facilities

If you’re set on schlepping your stuff down Broadway in blue bins, there are several local storage unit warehouses including One Stop and Manhattan Mini Storage.


Varies. Expect $200+/month for a 5′x5′ unit. Could be split with friends.


None at all. Unless you consider tearing around corners with your blue bin full of valuables a convenience.


You’ll be the only person other than the staff with a key to your unit; about as secure as you’re going to get, provided the island of Manhattan doesn’t go underwater in the next 3 months.


Racing blue bins down Broadway after finals is about as much fun as you’re going to have this summer. Also, access whenever you want.

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  1. Or....  

    If you have any friends who actually live in the City, ask if you can store stuff at their house. Usually they are fine with it, and it's much cheaper.

    I've been doing this all 4 years with my good friend here, and now we are paying it forward to other friends at our apartment.

  2. Senior Wisdom  

    Protip: go in with 4 or more friends and get a larger unit at Manhattan Mini Storage or something. It's super affordable if several of you go in on one unit (>$100/mo) and much more flexible than many of the other options. The more people the better, and you can just rent a U-haul on the cheap at the end of the summer and move everything back to campus.

  3. By May 12th  

    "Non-Seniors must vacate their rooms within 24 hours after the last exam or by 12:00pm noon on Saturday, May 18, 2013 whichever is sooner. Seniors must vacate their room by 12:00pm noon on Thursday, May 23, 2013."

    From the link you linked to.

  4. Anonymous  


  5. Anonymous  

    Any advice for a senior trying to get his stuff back to California after graduation?

    • another 2013  

      Throw away whatever you can buy again, and then use USPS to ship the rest. They only charge $1 per pound with "Parcel Post" which takes about two weeks to arrive at the other end.

  6. But Actually..  

    Manhatten Mini Storage is not that expensive, especially if you reserve the storage space ahead of time. I reserved a 4x4x4 room in mid-March for just $73 dollars a month. No where near 200 dollars a month. The rates usually go up as you get closer to summer ...but if you call and reserve ahead of time (free of charge btw) you can pay close to 80 dollars a month. A 4x4x4 is more than enough room one person. I'm even taking a few of my friend's items.

    It is also pretty convenient...they have the storage taxi that picks you up and takes you to the storage place. You just have to call and book it...because it can fill up fast! I just booked mine free of charge for May 15th.

  7. rising sophomore  

    Need advice from upperclassmen: looking into Manhattan Mini Storage, how much better is it to have a larger space for cheaper at Riverside and 134th vs. smaller space and more expensive at Columbus and 107th? How much of a hassle is the extra trek?

  8. Hudson Storage Sucks  

    Don't use Hudson Storage! They crushed my stuff, were incredibly rude, and only told me at the last minute that they only take Visa/Mastercard.

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