Bwoglines: Confusion Edition

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Sometimes life is just like one big hedge maze.

Sometimes life is just like one big hedge maze.

German thieves have stolen 5 metric tons of Nutella. What exactly are they planning to do with all that chocolate-hazelnut goodness? Make 5 metric tons of delicious crepes? (Slate)

It turns out that an intelligence agency in France is just like us; it accidentally calls huge amounts of attention to its embarrassing mistakes, too. Now the most-read article on French Wikipedia is about a military base and might contain classified information. (TechDirt)

Apparently some people are confused about whether or not they are oppressed. (Or are they confused? Maybe the author of the article is confused?) (Thought Catalog)

So Margaret Thatcher, recently deceased, was groundbreaking as a female leader, but she also did some unsavory stuff and said that she hated feminism. How are we supposed to feel about her? (HuffingtonPost)

Have Christians been wrong about Judas this whole time? Was he actually not a traitor? How trustworthy are our ink identifying technologies? (Discovery)

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  1. Stalttup

    North Korea ready to launch a nuclear attack on the U.S.

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    According to the North Korean government, North Korea has the right to pre-emptive nuclear attack on the United States. "North Korea is a country with a full nuclear capability. The U.S. imperialists do not have a monopoly on the right to pre-emptive strike, "- said in a commentary organ of the Workers' Party of Korea, the newspaper" Rodong Sinmun ".

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  2. Anonymous

    I thought this article was going to be about the new Confucius Center from China opening today on campus.

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