CUAdmirers Says Goodbye…Officially!

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“Dat ass,” he says out loud.

Just minutes ago, Bwog received an email (anonymously, of course) from CU Admirers, with an official letter to the community stating their permanent departure. The page has been banned on Facebook so they are saying peace out, Columbia.  

While it’s been a fun run, Bwog has to again say our PSA from Sunday night: admire each other in real life. Go out, talk to each other, use your voices. If you see a cute person in Butler, talk to him/her. If you have a fun one night stand, get the person’s number. If you want to tell your friend how good of a person they are, tell them directly. You can even make a Facebook status from your own personal account if you just need to live your life publicly.

Get out there, kids! The Columbia dating culture is whatever you make it, so make it damn good and real and open and honest and stop hiding behind a computer screen, please.  Unless you’re gonna be a creep in which case we would rather you stay at home.

Dear CU Admirers Followers,

It is with a heavy heart that CU Admirers comes to bid our fellow followers and friends farewell.
Due to extenuating circumstances, our page has been banned on facebook, not that facebook was an useful interface to achieve our goals, just an easy one.

It has been a fruitful four and a half months in what started as an endeavor spear-headed by five people (two consistent submission posters – all done by copy and paste from tumblr to statuses – and three moral springboards) as a mode to release romantic frustrations or express any form of awe as we understood and undergone the social awkwardness that plagues our community. We also wanted to add another element to campus life that wasn’t necessarily attached to academics. One that would also be nice for procrastination.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to make it to 8000 posts without making a few enemies (movie taglines do not lie). However, it has been hard work to please everyone with our posts and make it beyond Facebook guidelines without a scratch.

Regardless, a few thanks are in order. First to the Columbia University Marching Band’s Sensual Sundays crew for bringing an incredibly entertaining physical performance to the text. Secondly, to all the publications and Internet resources that took time to ask us questions because sadly we are not robots. And lastly, as cliché as we can get, we would like to thank all the people who participated, sent in admirations, or friended us and watched their newsfeeds get swamped on Sunday evenings: Thank you.

Now that spring is in full swing, we hope that the Columbia University campus decides to further on our goals. With the shedding of clothes, may there be shedding of… more clothes. Only slightly kidding. We hope that in addition to everyone’s blooming romantic ventures; our one primary aim was to facilitate a more open campus. So please: hold doors, compliment shoes, say hi, or partake in any other form of kindness if it does not physically or mentally harm you.

This isn’t exactly a goodbye, as we cannot help but be involved in campus life, but rather a “c u later” if the need should ever arise.

CU Admirers

P.S. Keep admiring, Columbia.

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  1. Heisenberg  

    And so CU Admirers 4 and a half month campaign to lower the curve has finally ended

  2. I will never do a thing that is nice again since it could not be acknowledged by facebook's Columbia Admirers. Secondly, How can I admire Keanu Ros-Bera no? Someone needs to do something new for this!

    Secondly, why not just post through the tumblr? You lose some powerplays (e.g. tagging, comments, etc.), but it might still be a place that people could look at on their Just sayin'.

    --Eastman Jones

  3. Whoa, neatman Jones is always on spot, but just so nebulous also... O.o

    Some say he is crododile hunter reincarnate!

  4. Anonymous  


    (just friend him onFacebook)

  5. Confused  

    Why did they get banned from facebook?

  6. A Fellow Admirer  

    And with that, the mystic veil of sexual repression and secret desires fell, much like a kabuki drop blocking us admirers from...actually nothing. It's been a great time gazing from afar but let us now remember, there isn't a tumblr to connect us to our crushes: without action comes no gratification. There is no outlet except your words, your real-life interactions, and maybe a slightly elevated sense of confidence. Now that the weather is warm, the steps are packed, and the pale winter skin soaks up the Vitamin D we all missed so dearly, be outgoing! Talk to that pretty member of whichever gender you're into because there ain't no other damn option!

  7. Admirer  

    But we should just start @ColumbiaAdmirers tho #twitterisbetterthanfacebook

  8. BC14

    anyone know why it's banned?

  9. Thank you.  

    For four months and a half months, we had a sense of campus community. For four and a half months, we had anonymous online interactions that brought us closer together instead of driving apart. For four and a half months, Columbia Admirers achieved what the collective efforts of countless well-intentioned students, organizations, and administrators have tried to do for years.

    Let's figure out why it worked and keep the spirit alive.

  10. Fuck off

    not one person mentioned on there was in the least bit physically attractive

  11. SEAS'13  

    Um. What about the tumblr? Those are direct submissions, no copypasta necessary. KEEP THE TUMBLR. LET ME PROCRASTINATE.

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