Food Truck Rally Starts Today!

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The food truck is such a marvellous innovation

The food truck is such a marvellous innovation

Residential Programs has organized a Food Truck rally for the next couple of days! Starting today, from 12-2 on College Walk, there will be two different food trucks to offer you a break from whatever depressing dining hall food/instant ramen you’ve been subsisting on.

Today’s food trucks are GoBurger, a burger truck (with vegetarian options too) and Itizy, a gourmet ice cream truck which donates money to helping hungry orphans (or something).

Also, you should “come early to get discounts for their food by either giving compliments or completing daily missions.”

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  1. Food Truck Lover  

    Best Columbia initiative yet...Can I make some suggestions for trucks?

  2. GS '13  

    I always prefer for hungry orphans to help out before I give them money. Way to do it right, Itizy!

  3. guys guys guys  

    is there a schedule for the other trucks that are gonna be around?

  4. ra  

    Wednesday: La Bella Torte
    Thursday: Sweetery NYC & Treat's Truck

  5. ra  

    *sorry rumor is it's actually Treat's Truck and Toum (Lebanese eats) on Thursday

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