Overseen: Baby Bacchanal

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Most gross when she sat down.

Most gross when she sat down.

Tipsters were soaking up the sun yesterday when they saw this baby and overheard these:

“This reminds me of Lena Dunham”

“Maybe she has an appointment with PrezBo.”

“She must feel, like, so free.”

Did the parents just not dress their toddler when they left their home, or did they take off all her clothes once at Columbia? So deliberate either way. Columbia is now ready for Bacchanal.

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  1. see no evil  

    is this legal? is bwog gonna get a call from the feds? Does this mean my computer is compromised with child porn?

  2. Anonymous  

    low steps in the springtime is perfect for streaking: warm weather, little security, and maximum appeal.

  3. the problem is

    this child is way too old to be walking around naked.

  4. CC '13  

    So....who's our graduation speaker??

  5. Lilly Pulitzer  

    ugh upper west side bohemians

  6. Looks like

    Pike's pledges are getting both younger and ballsier by the semester.

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