PSA: Seniors, Register for Commencement!

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Graduation cometh

Student Affairs sent out an email yesterday (that we’re sure you all read) noting that any seniors planning to participate in commencement should register before April 22nd. This makes sure you can get tickets for your guests—up to four—and, you know, be in commencement. Important stuff. Ticket distribution events will be on May 8th and 9th, which is also where you can clear up name pronunciation issues with the deans so your mother doesn’t cry any more than she will be already.

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  1. CC15 staying around for Commencement  

    WHO'S DA SPEAKER??????

  2. Anonymous

    do I have to get tickets for class day? my parents are freaking me out about this.

  3. oh great and powerful bwog  

    If I already requested 4 tickets, am I registered, or is registration separate from ticket reservation? Both your post and the email make it sound like the two are separate.

  4. Lubeen  

    If anyone doesn't need all 4 tix, I'd love to take them off your hands!

  5. Anonymous  

    Who's speaking at class day?? Don't they usually announce this around march?

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