Bwoogilines; Bacchanal Edishun

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HAI GUISE! ur Friendy daliy here. ALLll I want to say is that u should send us ALLLL your pics, tips, and Cray Cray videoos of today! Send them to !

All you need to no in the world is down therr:

Set times
Morningsiders 11:00 – 11:45
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 12:00 – 1:00
Flosstradamus 1:30 – 2:30
Red Bull Truck – 9:00 – 4:00

Pics shuld look liek dis:

EDIT: Photos and stuff… 4Loko out


“Did you hear that mosh pitting perfectly mimics random particles in a box?”

“I really have to pee and take 4 shots!”

“it’s not like a rapper I want to see, it’s just two white assholes”

“Thanks for letting me come to your school on a Saturday and dry hump your women”

“Community college had this suit down like that. Come on! Do not grab his penis.
Talking about his raccoon coat”

“The worst thing about these crowds is they make me sober”




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  1. Scrooge McDuck  

    Go home, Bwog, you're drunk. As you should be.

  2. Anonymous

    Go to Bacchanal, Bwog, you're drunk.

  3. MEchE  

    Just slept through it. MatLab ftw.

  4. Why?????  

    did bacchanal have to end???

  5. Anonymous

    Floss was absolutely filthy

  6. Honest Columbia student  

    It is sad to see so many drunk students puking all over campus today.

    Bacchanal is in poor taste. A pretend rapper shouting expletives to the encore of drug induced college "students" right in front of Low Memorial Library certainly tarnishes the educational reputation of Columbia.

    We can do better.

    • Troll  


      Agreed on the punning students--they should learn to hold their liquor--but "pretend rapper"? Why, because he's white? Also, "honest Columbian"? Just because up choose to be a contrarian it doesn't validate your point; the notion that students behaving like regular youn adults for one day a year tarnishes the reputation of this university belies a fundamental misunderstanding of the way the world works. Sorry for attempting to respond logically to a post that's quite possibly just trolling, but I dont intend to enable the balance of powerin the war on fun to be shifted on my watch.

      Lifted shifted higher than the ceiling, oohwee it's the ultimate feeling sugar how you get so fly?

      But fack you.

    • SEAS '13  

      Oh, and the "educational reputation[s]" of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are so excellent because they're tee-totalers.
      *rolls eyes*

      Work hard, play hard.

    • Anonymous  





    • Anonymous  

      Please suck at life less.


    • Anonymous  

      I agree with the pretend rapper part

    • Arsene Wenger  

      Looks like someone can't handle the bantz

    • Drug induced college "student"

      In my 4 years here, this past Saturday was the one day I was filled with so much love for Columbia and everyone here. Bacchanal was way better than I expected, the redbull truck killed it and everyone was so happy and colorful and attractive!

  7. Fountain Girl  

    i would love to put it in her mouth

  8. Anonymous

    Somebody has got to make a tshirt of the new legend that is fountain girl.

  9. Anonymous  

    lmao Karl working his students

  10. Anonymous

    Columbia is the best!

  11. lazy college senior  

    amen, sista

  12. Funny Thing  

    When a drunk guy jumps on stage everyone thinks he's the most hilarious and brave bro ever.

    When a girl dances around in the fountain, she's a 'sloppy bitch' and the conversation become all about whether or not people want to sleep with her.

    • Dat  

      I called her a "sloppy bitch" not only because she was drunk, but because she was getting me wet. I never said anything about sax dude (didn't see him). As a woman I feel like overplaying this card does nothing to help us.

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