Bwog Asked: What was your Bacchanal highlight?

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Sunday arrived last weekend, as it always does, to remind us that we actually go here for an education. So as a group of zombies took over Butler Library on Sunday, Bwog decided to ruin their nights by making them do their best to remember the highlights and lowdarks (or anything really) about Bacchanal the day before.

  • Girl on 6: *sarcastically* “Probably waking up at 8 a.m.”
  • Boy with glasses: “Watching my two friends grind on each other and then completely not remember a couple hours later.”
  • Girl with springy hair: “Definitely Macklemore. So much swag…”
  • Girl outside: “When ‘Thrift Song’ came on? That’s the only one I knew… The worst part was that I got trampled. A third of my hair got ripped out.”
  • Girl next to previous girl: “Found some new love.”
  • Blonde girl: “Public safety found my wallet, phone, shoes, and keys, which I apparently abandoned at Bacchanal.”
  • Stoned-looking guy: “I think I may have found a new fuck buddy.”
  • Girl with Woody Allen-esque glasses and bangs: “Pregaming was painful but fun.”
  • Girl with nose ring: “Getting up on someone’s shoulders during Macklemore.”
  • Guy with red hoodie: “I liked the DJ, Flosstradamus.”
  • Happy girl: “Watching the girl dance in the fountain!”
  • Girl in hallway: “Almost falling over in my support for gay rights.”
  • Guy with Under Armour hoodie: “Pregame—went to The Heights.”
  • Boy in Columbia sweatshirt in lounge: “Making spiked pudding and eating it on the steps while macklemore was playing
  • Barnard dancer at Miller: “Couldn’t go to bacchanal—some people made it to the concert till 12:15 but had performances at 2.”
  • 2 girls in lobby: (hysterical laughter) “Being present.” Bwog: “Any expansion?” Girls: “Nope, that’s literally all we know.”
  • Guy in rainbow hoodie: “These two guys were ahead of me and tripped and the guy who tripped asked his friend to take a picture and I offered to so he laid back down for the picture.” See picture below: Update, 4/16: The person in the picture identified himself and ask we remove it.

A guy outside 203 only gave us the following photo as an answer:


Feel free to post your stories in our conveniently anonymous comment section.

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  1. how bout  

    that redbull truck

  2. Blunts in Butler  

    Being more stoned than usual.

  3. Anonymous

    I rubbed my junk up against some chicas y chicos and they loved it...then I had some pancakes.

  4. Athlete Beast  

    Lifted in the gym. Got freaking swoll that day

  5. Liam  

    Hari Neff is perfect omg

  6. !!!  

    HARI NEFF. That's all.

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