CCSC Election Results

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You guys knew these already, which is why we haven’t posted them yet… We thought letting you forget about CCSC elections for a while would make them more exciting.

Anyhow, congratulations again to all the newly elected members!

  • Executive Board: It’s Always Sunny At Columbia (Daphne Chen, Briana Saddler, Bob Sun, Peter Bailinson, Noah Swartz)
  • Senate: Jared Odessky
  • Student Services Representatives: Loxley Bennett and Chris Godshall
  • Academic Affairs Representative: Nora Habboosh
  • Alumni Affairs Representative: Daniel Liss
  • Pre-Professional Representative: Mary Joseph
  • 2016 Class Council: Ramis Wadood (P), Grayson Warrick (VP), Anne Scotti, Richin Kabra, Benjamin Kornick
  • 2015 Class Council: Michael Li (P), Uchechi Iteogu (VP), Liam Bland, Kareem Carryl, Jackson Tse
  • 2014 Class Council: Conan Cassidy (P), Joanna Kelly (VP), Ben Xue, Zach Vargas-Sullivan, Sarita Patankar

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  1. anon  

    Bwog, again, reminding us that it sucks at reporting

  2. Anonymous

    these are the kids I hated in high school

  3. Anonymous

    @Anonymous: then you should have run for office yourself

  4. Anonymous  

    Once again refusing to report on a write in party that got a whopping 10% of the vote.

  5. anon  

    since when have they ever done anything besides cheese cake?

  6. Senator Emerita

    The Senate is not part of CCSC. The Senate does not "report" to CCSC. CCSC has no influence or "control" over the affairs of the Senate.

  7. CC '16  

    I LOVE YOU JONAH. you really did deserve it

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