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While most students were able to have a wonderfully fun time at Bacchanal on Saturday, others were left out.  Bwog dedicates this post to those students who voluntarily missed “the only day Columbia acts like a real school” for Columbia-related commitments.  If you were on a team or group who had to skip the concerts, leave your info in the comments and know that Bwog salutes you.

  • Uptown Local, Columbia’s ultimate frisbee club team, was picked up by vans at 7:10 am on Saturday and returned to campus at around 8 pm after competing in the Metro NY College Open Conference Championship tournament.  How do they feel about missing Bacchanal? “It was balls.”  But the tournament ended on Sunday and they placed 3rd, qualifying for Metro East Regionals!
  • Track missed Bacchanal for a meet at West Point, but our source says they didn’t really mind missing the concerts because they were excited to be competing against members of the Army.
  • The women’s lacrosse team had an away game against Yale.  The game was scheduled for 3 pm and they returned to campus at around 9.  “Obviously all the festivities were over…”  According to CUAthletics, “the game was part of a two-game charity event held at Long Island’s Oceanside High School by Lax Loves Long Island as part of a Hurricane Sandy Relief event.”
  • The women’s soccer team had a few scrimmages on Saturday, keeping them away from celebrating Bacchanal.
  • The men’s lightweight rowing team competed at the Dodge Cup against Yale and Penn in Philly on Saturday morning.  They couldn’t pass Yale, the second lightweight team in the nation, but damn it they beat Penn.  Meanwhile in Ridgefield Park, NJ the men’s heavyweight team fought to upset Princeton in the 103rd Childs Cup regatta.
  • Barnard Dances at Miller had a performance at 2 pm, so most dancers could not go to Bacchanal.  Some made it to the concert but had to leave by 12:15, before Macklemore came onstage.
  • In the most devastating turn, the softball team had two games against Cornell–home games, just 100 blocks north of the Debacchery.  To make it count they triumphantly won both games, including a 7-0 shutout in the second.

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  1. cusailing  

    Columbia Sailing was competing at the Naval Academy in Annapolis!

  2. '13 SEAS

    Senior engineers taking the FE exam!

  3. Athlete Beast  

    That's right we inspire you. Appreciate us now

  4. Anonymous  

    hey where is ssol?

  5. Anonymous  

    The Women's Water Polo Club hosted the State Tournament at Uris Pool Saturday and Sunday, winning the title and earning a bid to nationals!

  6. NYPD Baller  

    NYPD (Columbia Women's Frisbee) also went to Sectionals this weekend and also won third place. Good weekend for Columbia Frisbee!

  7. Ummm Forgetting Something?  

    How about the 8 Columbia Track and Field Athletes that garnered to 50 times in the Eastern half of the nation this past Saturday?

    -Harry McFann
    -Connor Claflin
    -Brendan Fish
    -Johnny Gregorek
    -Daniel Everett
    -Mark Feigen

    -Trina Bills
    -Erin Gillingham

  8. Tae Kwon Do  

    Four members of Columbia's Tae Kwon Do club were competing at the National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships in Colorado Springs!

  9. athletics  


    (almost all spring sports)

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