Lots O’ Languages and Free Food

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Maybe it'll look like this!

Maybe it’ll look like this!

Wondering what’s going on at Low Plaza right now? It’s a language fair for less commonly studied languages at Columbia going on until 5 pm today. Dutch, Persian, Czech, Finnish, Swahili, and Wolof sound nifty to learn (and are featured today), and we heard that instructors are serving food from the respective cultures too. More info can be found at the Language Resource Center’s website, but what more can you want if they have free food?!


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  1. Reyes Llopis-García

    Catalan is there as well!!!
    Everything you always wanted to know about good soccer, castells, Barcelona, Gaudí, Dalí, delicious food and drinks, the language... it's happening now! Go see Elsa Úbeda and talk to her about the language+culture of the Catalans!

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