The Line for Surf n Turf…

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…literally reaches to Butler. Go forth and feast on lobster and steak! Or make friends with someone with a meal plan really quickly. Pro tip: we hear the line is shorter at Ferris just as long at Ferris.

Update (9:45): We’ve heard that someone got CAVA’d during the event. Whether it was from eating too much shrimp or from the rumored food poisoning remains unknown.

At least it's nice out?

At least it’s nice out?

Line plus crappy architecture

Line plus crappy architecture

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  1. Anonymous

    Is this more expensive than Nutella?

  2. oh the gluttony  

    i ate 7 lobster tails LOL!!

  3. watch out  

    my friend just go food poisoning from the shrimp at john jay beware

  4. Hey  

    Just woke up from Surf and Turf Food coma

  5. Anonymous

    Columbia has steak and lobster.

  6. Karim

    I'm GS, so please forgive me, but am I missing something here?

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