Bwoglines: You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse Edition

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Justin Bieber can’t seem to do anything right. After the Anne Frank uproar, Twitter blows up, to which Bieber responds with a cartoon of himself and a shirtless girl. (LA Times)

Susan Patton, of “find a husband” famegave a talk at Princeton, during which she said that “[college women] will become progressively more desperate every year they waits to find a husband, which ‘has the effect of giving off man-repellent.'” Safety schools… (The Daily Princetonian)

The fifth and sixth floors of Butler will be open 23 hours a day starting this week. This is your gentle reminder that finals are just around the corner and you should start freaking out now. (Columbia University Libraries Blog)

And on a much more serious note, MIT campus police officer Sean Collier was shot and killed last night. Bwog hopes everyone’s friends and family in Boston will stay safe. (Huffington Post)

One of the suspects in the Boston bombing was shot and killed last night. His brother is believed to have escaped on foot. Live continuing coverage of the violence in Boston can be found here. (CNN)

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