Deantini Kissing a Horse

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Today if you are on Low Plaza at 5:40, you can see two things: a horse, and Deantini, who will then proceed to make out. Deantini lost won the “Kiss the Horse” competition sponsored by Camp Kesem, which provides a free summer camp for children whose parents have been affected by cancer. There is absolutely no good reason for you not to watch this happen.

Update, 6:30: It happened!


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  1. CC 16  

    pix or it didn't happen

  2. CC '16  

    haha he is such a fun dean, i am so happy he is our dean and not that mean old moody-adams

  3. CC 15'  

    My roommate and I aresure this is meant to resolve an ancient curse. But we're not sure what'll happen.

    He thinks that Deantini was born a horse and a nasty witch echanted him. Now they will live out their horsey days together.

    I think the horse is human and the Valentini man is breaking the spell's hold. Now Valentini will ditch his wife and go out with Ms. Ed.

    My neighbor says we're both too fucked up to even think about this.

  4. Sherry Wolf  

    Did that horse consent? Deantini is a horserapist.

  5. Anonymous  

    haha yeah you are totally a student at columbia college

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