Tonight’s 4/20 Outdoor Activity

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What better way to celebrate this gorgeous Saturday, April the 20th, than by watching a film with your fellow students? One of Bacchanal’s slightly less well-known events — the annual 4/20 movie screening — is happening tonight, and the entertainment of choice is, appropriately, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.¬†Bacchanal’s advertising some free popcorn and fruit, so head over to the Low Steps at 8 p.m. for some gratis snacks and throwback times. Stressbusters will be giving free massages during the movie (!!!) and there’s the promise of Korilla on College Walk until 8 p.m. Unlike last year’s balmy weather, tonight’s forecast is in the mid-50s, so bundle up; maybe light some fires to stay warm.

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  1. Blunts in Butler  

    Fuck. I'm still high.

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