Bwoglines: Earth Day Edition

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With all this "go green" stuff I don't know how this isn't a thing yet.

With all this “go green” stuff I don’t know how this isn’t a thing yet.

Earth Day is here! (Google)
But it doesn’t sound like there’s much to celebrate about.

China is getting yet another kind of avian flu. (The Huffington Post)

The cinnamon challenge apparently isn’t safe anymore. (Chicago Tribune)

Reese Witherspoon was arrested. (USA Today)


So stay tuned for Columbia’s Earth Week events—you can learn how to help our planet and have something to celebrate about.

I like April 22nd because it’s 420 too via Shutterstock


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  1. Anonymous  

    Omg, that picture is so freaky! How did she do that? Is it just really long, spiky hair, or did she somehow get grass to actually grow from her scalp?

  2. Of course

    China is getting another deadly flu strain. Everything awful comes from there: plague, SARS, lead paint. Enough is enough China.

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