Free Food: Earth Day

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Hungry for some environmental consciousness? The Barnard EcoReps are organizing a Potluck today at 6PM in Altschul—come enjoy some free food and learn about how to lower your carbon footprint.

Other green events today:

  • Jacqueline Ottoman is speaking about green marketing at 6 PM in Hamilton 517 in an event organized by Consilience.
  • CleanEdison is screening Carbon Nation tonight at 8 PM in Hamilton 516.

In short, get out of your Hummers and start being sustainable—there’s tons of opportunities to learn how today.

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  1. Sparce Battleship  

    The potluck they are arranging will end up causing more carbon than it will save, when you consider the impact of the food-related waste vs the tiny impact it will have on people learning to save the environment.

    These self-righteous fools are not nearly as environmentally conscious as they want to appear. I truly care about the environment, which is why I never attend social gatherings, which are wasteful. I bet they printed fliers and hung them up everywhere.

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