“Before I Die” Cube is an Art Installation!

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You’ll all be relieved to learn that the black cube with “Before I die I want to ____” stencilled on it, in front of Butler, is not somebody’s morbid cry for help, but actually an art installation by Postcrypt and Students of AMF at Columbia University. It will be on Butler Plaza until Monday April 29th. The explanation from the Facebook page:

In the midst of academia, emphasis on personal success often leads students to become overly preoccupied with temporary concerns. Perceptively remote matters, such as death, tend to be pushed aside, leading to an unhealthy lack of discourse when the idea of loss becomes a reality. We are installing this wall at the end of the semester, a stressful period for students, and our goal is for everyone to take a moment and reflect on the bigger picture of what truly matters. We hope this will create a stronger sense of community by providing a positive place for everyone to channel their anxiety.

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  1. you guys missed the best one  

    before i die, i want to be the very best (like no one ever was)

  2. "know what I want to do before I die"  

    That really speaks to me right now :/

  3. Anonymous

    It's like we're trapped in a tumblr

  4. before I die..  

    ...I want to get really good grades, get a good internship and then a good job and make lots of cash and holiday once a year in a tropical place, grow old, have kids, send them to an ivy league school and have them do the same

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