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SGA met last night briefly to discuss family community, duty, and honor. Maddie Ball was there to get the facts and, of course, provide excessive Game of Thrones references.

Last night the rep council met very briefly to pass a resolution calling for an honor pledge that would unite the undergraduate colleges. The pledge in question would be spoken together by all incoming undergraduates during NSOP and would affirm that everyone has the morals expected of a decent human being (don’t cheat, okay?). Of course the pitch, led by Steven Castellano, CCSC Academic Affairs Rep, includes both an honor code and pledge, but Barnard would only adopt the pledge. After all, Barnard is way ahead of the curve, having had an honor code since 1912. Rather, the code would only apply to CC, GS, and SEAS.

Castellano hopes to see the pledge and code implemented this coming fall, the entire incoming undergraduate class saying the pledge together, then perhaps signing a book that symbolizes adherence to the code. The goal is, ultimately, to introduce the honor code in a way that facilitates communication as to why a code is important and what, exactly, is a violation of that code. The next step includes reaching out to the faculty and encouraging them to print the honor code on their syllabi, blue books, and any other applicable surface. So far the honor pledge has passed with SGA, CCSC, and ESC, and will undergo review by GSSC this week. In order for the resolution to go into effect, it must be approved by all four undergraduate colleges. Since that’s looking pretty likely, everyone get ready — honesty is coming.

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  1. Anonymous

    False, ESC rescinded the resolution last night. Since all the resolutions pass by the councils are contingent on all other councils passing the same resolution, nothing really happened.

  2. Blunts in Butler  

    I'm high as fuck.

  3. BC 2014  

    Nice Game of Thrones reference.

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