Julian Gets a Haircut Today!

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Haircut hilarity today at 4pm. Low Plaza.

In early March, Bwog interviewed Julian Bongiorno, SEAS ’13, about his unique and cringe-worthy plan to raise money for cancer research.

If you haven’t heard about it yet or missed our PeopleHop last month, Julian is cutting off his luscious brown locks to donate to Pantine’s Beautiful Lengths and hosting an online competition to pick his next egregious haircut. At, a site that Julian designed himself, you can vote for your favorite haircut by donating, with all proceeds going to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

After weeks of voting, Julian has raised almost $5,000 and the competition is down to two haircuts: “pigtails” and “warrior.” Julian will sport one of these new haircuts for a month, which means he will walk at commencement potentially with a completely shaved head except for two shoulder-length pigtails. We can’t wait to see look on PrezBo’s face when Julian goes up for his diploma. If you haven’t donated yet and want to contribute, you still can through commencement on his site.

Julian is getting his haircut TODAY on Low Plaza at 4 pm! Stop by to show your support for this awesome cause and catch a glimpse of his terrifying new do.

Update (5:00)— Success!

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