Crack Del Crackdown!

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Weeping echoes across the entire Columbia campus as we receive tips that Crack Del has been shut down for selling alcohol to minors. Tipsters report that the building is surrounded by cops and upset freshmen. If you have any info about our beloved Crack Del’s demise, send it to

Update, 1:17 am: A tipster sent in this photo, showing the NYPD’s court order and restraining order for “illegal sale of alcoholic beverages.”

Thanks to a tipster for this

Thanks to a tipster for this

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  1. I mean  

    One time the guy pointed out in front of other customers that I was underage and still gave me beer. It's amazing they even lasted this long if true.

  2. Anonymous  

    We bid adieu to CrackDel. You were good but all things come to end.

  3. lazy college senior  

    Truly tragic.

    And, honestly, about 10 years too late. Kinda late to the game, NYPD.

  4. aaron johnson  

    Just rode by a few minutes ago. They'll be reopening tomorrow!!!!

  5. CC '16  

    All across Morningside Heights, underage connoisseurs of malt liquor lament the long-overdue closing of their most beloved establishment.

  6. CC'13  

    Welp..time to graduate

  7. first, they came for 1020...  

    now this. NYPD = war on fun

  8. Nooooooo

    It better open again son.

  9. Anonymous

    this is the worst day of my life

  10. Beer Brewer 14  

    You all should brew beer in your rooms it is fun and you have beer all the time! I did it freshman year in Furnald (no one expects it!)

  11. Blunts in Butler  

    I'll smoke a bowl in their honor.

  12. Anonymous

    Wow, hardly ever means something gets shut down perm...


    A great era has ended. It's like the end of my innocence.

  14. Twitch  

    She was my first

    Before I came to college I was just some nerdy kid.
    I never had the chance to do the stuff my Dad forbid,
    (But once or twice, and randomly, and off the social grid.)
    She grew me up and loved me--nothing wrong in what she did.

    Walking there on Amsterdam one passes God's own house
    And as before cool Carmen kids I felt myself a mouse.
    I also felt that God approved- my desire he'd not douse.
    For God doth smile on friendship, with happiness His spouse.

    She held out open arms to me--"they" said it was the case.
    I walked there without confidence, with pale unbearded face.
    If for the first time in my life I knew of such a place
    I'd be spending fewer Friday nights alone and in disgrace.

    You know that all I needed was some friends or one or two.
    But we all know that there's really only so much booze can do.
    When we went for spicy specials--now there was friendship true!
    If you've left us here on earth it's up to heaven that you flew.

    My awkward frosh experience--the perfect way to train,
    Was all because of you, although your gifts may seem mundane.
    My sophomore year 'twas your beer fueled the pong down in McBain,
    When I had time to laugh and drink and rest my weary brain.

    I was legal by my junior year and you were far downtown,
    I had other access to that drink of malty, kindly brown.
    But senior year I bought from you my 40 and my gown.
    And took the freshmen to you: how the lion earned his crown.

    Weep for the nerdy freshman who just needs to know he can,
    That fun in in his power, high school's shame he has outran.
    Weep for the pressured sophomore, all her outlets under ban.
    And weep for me and my old friend, she made this boy a man.

    "Your friend is your needs answered. He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. And he is your board and your fireside. For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace." -Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

  15. Anonymous  

    don't they need some sort of license to sell beer? couldn't they just take away their license instead of closing it down? where am i gonna get my spicy special now?

  16. Anonymous

    What godless force of oppression would sweep away the 40 oz pillars that support Columbia University's feeble social infrastructure? Thanks, Obama

  17. fuckkkk  

    wait but i have to redeem my free sandwich

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