Bwoglines: Whut Edition

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Love on top, get it, Blue Ivy is on top of her??

Whut, how can a human be this perf?

Blue Ivy is growing up and starting to look like her mom—whut, not fair. (Usweekly, Twitter)

Apparently cheese patterned fabric exists. Whut. (Buzzfeed, Kraftbrands)

A gang member was running a kids party business.  Renting ponies from gangasters, whut. (Gawker, Youtube).

A Missouri lawmaker wants to ban seersucker suits. Whut—wait just kidding, this actually makes sense. (Chicagoist)

Blue Ivy= Columbia, amirite? via Wikimedia Commons



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  1. Ok Bwog  

    Why is there no Amanda Bynes? Of all editions, I would think shaving half her head would qualify as "whut?"

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