Undergrads Banned From Uris During Finals

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wait but at least we still have Uris Cafe
wait but at least we still have Uris Cafe

“Job well done, my friend. Looks like it’s just us B School students now!”

As of Finals week, you can add Uris to the list of places that will turn you away after an ID check.

This is the first time that admittance to Uris’ Watson Library has been restricted to only B School students. The upper floor, 2M, has been off-limits for undergrads since April 15, but now the entire library will be an Undergrad-free zone from May 3-May 17.  

B School students have been complaining about this issue for quite some time, and in the most mature fashion possible. If undergrads need a book from the library, a librarian will get it for them. Comment away, readership.

B School students congratulating each other on the recent ban via


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  1. Anonymous  

    the business school can go to hell

    • The Demon in a Business Suite  

      They are already in Hell. Who do think enjoys being a testosterone infused dipshit wiht nothign else to do but cscre over undergrades? I lknow. The spec!!!! Come join us in our crusade agaisnt the tryant that is the specadora @ spec

  2. hear hear

    We're better off without the bschoolers. I call for a bschool butler ban.

  3. Mature  

    I say we TP Uris.

  4. anon  

    B-School = Prime Bitch Candidate (PBC)

  5. dirty mike

    b-school = bitch school

  6. Anonymous

    Econ undergrads are still allowed in.

  7. Too much CS

    Saw "Undergrads banned from URIs," assumed this was some sort of internet censorship. Campus-wide SelfControl anyone?

  8. Vengance  

    I propose that Columbia undergraduates ban the B-School from our beds, which is the one place the B-School doesn't seem to mind sharing with undergrads. If you fuck us, you study with us. Simple courtesy.

  9. BSGS

    Gross library students make me sad everywhere.

  10. Anonymous  

    I like how one of their major complaints is that undergrads are poorly dressed.

    Dear CBS students,

    You don't dress that well. Learn how a suit fits.

    Best Wishes,
    A fly undergrad

  11. Anonymous  

    So late, Bwog. It's like you're switching places with Spectrum.

  12. Anonymous  

    CBS is a joke of a school and they know it. At least pretend to be productive in the library if you're going to kick the hard-working undergrads out. Yes, some people sleep there but they will sleep in any library. No need to punish those who actually get work done.

  13. Report from the frontline

    In Uris the other day, I heard a B-school student unironically complain that he deserved a "Check Plus Plus" and only got a "Check Plus." If that's not a perfect snapshot of academic life there, I'm not sure what is.

  14. Anonymous  

    I like that the Business School's acronym is BS

  15. lazy college senior does this mean we can kick barnard students out of Butler during reading week?

    • Anonymous  

      to be serious, though: can we kick business school students out? why not?

    • Anonymous  

      @lazy college senior:

      Barnard pays Columbia a fee every year for the use of its libraries, so no, you can't kick BC out of Butler.

      And I sincerely hope you weren't one of those outraged commenters bitching and moaning a few months ago about SIPA students not wanting undergrads in Lehman. I predicted back then that some self-righteous person would start complaining about Barnard come finals period in May--even though Barnard students can make the same claims to Butler as undergrads do for their right to be in Lehman library--and sure enough, Bwog commenters do not disappoint.

  16. Anonymous  

    Undergrads aren't banned from Watson YET...I say we all mass there in the meantime.

  17. SEAS '13

    The first time I went into Uris, the pretentiousness made me dry heave. I haven't been back. I think I'm allergic to BS.

  18. Anonymous  

    Who cares! Who wants to be in that shitty loud library anyway..

  19. Anonymous  

    Let's kick them out of north west building library. Its the engineering library, we don't need more business bitches on their phones in there.

  20. Alliteration Whiz  

    Ban the Business Students from Butler!


    I genuinely don't care?

  22. whoever  

    made that tumblr is an ass (who clearly doesn't have that much work)

  23. Anonymous

    there's currently a CBS student across from me taking a nap in butler and the CBS student next to me hasn't shown up in the past 2 hours but left his obnoxious CBS backpack....

  24. GSAS '14

    That Tumblr is creepy. I thought Watson was the only safe place to eat my lunch while working at a computer station, but apparently I could get mistaken for an undergrad and have my picture posted online with a nasty comment. Seriously, some "undergrads" look like "grads;" some "grads" look like "undergrads."

    The "Ban the BS students from Butler!" comments are overdoing it: Butler isn't designated as an undergraduate library, Milstein is. With that said, I don't think any of the libraries should be restricted based on student complaints. The more appropriate choice would have been to recommend against sleeping in the library and taking up too much space.

  25. thanks for your post. its very nice to read.

  26. real issue  

    Honestly, is the complaint really about the wrong student body taking up their library space?
    The real issue here is that there aren't enough libraries providing enough hours for a very large number of students.
    I took the quality of life survey and found the questions inadequate to really accommodate the students.
    Why is Butler the only library open for 24 hours? How is it that so many students complain about lack of seats in Butler (especially during the peak hours) yet, no better solution than 'extend the hours during midterm/final' has been raised?
    In order to really address the issue, I believe there ought to be a survey really asking questions on our student's library habit and accommodate their needs.
    Frankly, extending library hours only during the Midterm/Final make no sense especially in a school that promotes higher learning and deeply values knowledge. Extending the hours only during midterm/final undermines the goal of many students at Columbia and suggests we are like every other students in many institutions where they manufacture workers and not thinkers.

  27. Sh*t...

    How am I going to get my adderall now?

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