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It’s a beautiful day, and Barnard’s annual music festival WBAR-B-Q (Edition XX) is today! Check out the lineup below and event page here, but not for too long because it’ll be much better to hear these people in person. The festival/concert/extravaganza starts at 12 p.m. on the Lehman Lawn and runs until 8, so hustle over right now!

Great Mason’ll kick off the barbeque- They’re a psych group formed in NYC that plays slouchy, sprawling rock ‘n’ roll music. Their first tape, Cypriot Sarcophagus, is as unpredictable as it is subdued. They sound confused, but they might not be. Their songs surprise you like a satisfying leg cramp. WBAR alumni in the band. Check out Cypriot Sarcophagus here.

Born out of the Chicago D.I.Y. scene, Kleenex Girl Wonder just may be the wittiest band you’ve never heard of. Over the last seventeen years, frontman and chief lyricist Graham Smith has built a cult following with his catchy guitar hooks and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. The band released its twelfth full-length, Let It Buffer, just a few weeks ago, and it’s a doozy; here, ponderings about creepy 20th century mysticism, there, diatribes on Brooklyn poseurs. If you dig Weezer or They Might be Giants, you definitely won’t want to miss out on these wacky rockers.

Old Wounds is an awesome three-piece sludgy post-hardcore band from Jersey; they’re heavy, playful, and frantic. You’ll like ‘em if you you like energetic, loud, or grimy tunes, or if you often find yourself angry. Listen to the track “New Fortunes” from their new LP From Where We Came is Where We’ll Rest here:

Chris Forsyth’s put out an album called Kenzo Deluxe last year that was paralyzingly beautiful. He plays solo electric guitar that draws from the influences of both free jazz and American Primitive folk guitar, swirls it through a haze of effects and noise. On Saturday, Forsyth will be joined by Paul Sukeena of the Philadelphia band Spacin’ for a dual guitar attack.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia and now living in Brooklyn, Craig Dermody (the beauty and brains behind Scott & Charlene’s Wedding) litters his slacker-friendly tunes with seriously infectious hooks and guitar licks. His lyrics are immensely relatable, tackling important subjects like sausage, basketball, rock & roll, failure, and insignificance. RIYL: Pavement, The Clean, Real Estate, Meat Thump. Here’s a sample!

Krill is a scrappy Massachusetts rock band that just announced that their second full length, Lucky Leaves, is available in a flash drive embedded in a ball of mozzarella cheese. They channel Pixies pop dynamics with just a bit of wandering song-scrawling sensibilities. Look out for Lucky Leaves on Jesus’ half-birthday, June 25. Until then, check out their first album from 2012, Alam No Hris, here.

This four-piece from Northampton, Mass., is fronted by Sadie Dupuis – an alum of WBAR! They released an EP on Exploding in Sound Records in 2012 (listen free here), and are releasing a new 7” on Inflated Records next week. Speedy Ortiz plays ‘90s-influenced, melodic, indie rock, in which sometimes-fuzzy guitars blend with Sadie’s awesome voice to create a combo that’s sure to brighten your day. The band self-describes as “snack rock” – perfect for listening to while you eat the delicious free food at WBARBQ! Here’s their new single:

After the breakup of her band, P.S. Eliot, songwriter Katie Crutchfield formed Waxahatchee in 2011 as a solo project. Cerulean Salt, which was just released in March, is Waxahatchee’s second album. Waxahatchee’s music is a mix of singer-songwriter, alternative, and at times verges on a harder sound with heavy distorted guitar and assertive vocals. Crutchfield’s potent voice and honest lyrics make her an act well worthy of watching!

Baltimore’s Roomrunner makes a type of grungy punk that puts an energetic twist on the raw aesthetic of 1990s rock music. The four piece — which includes former Double Dagger drummer Denny Bowen — released their EP Super Vague last year, and are coming out with the first full length album Ideal Cities this May. Here are tracks from both their very first EP and their upcoming release:

Twin Sister are flying out of their home base on Long Island to bring the very finest sultry dream disco to Lehman Lawn. The five-piece band has toured the globe and played at countless festivals since releasing their first EP in 2008, and was even recently sampled by Kendrick Lamar. Check out their slinky basslines, sweet synths, and ethereal vocals in the ‘Bad Street‘ video.

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