Chronicles of Existentialism: Barrier to Entry

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A sign at the Pupin plaza construction this morning led pedestrians to an imaginary pedestrian detour.

“There’s a difference between knowing the Path and walking the Path” – The Matrix

A prison for your mind. Also just annoying.

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  1. Anonymous  

    this is good and all but my favorite bwog feature is bunsenbwog when are we going to get bunsenbwog back!!

  2. uh-lumni

    please tell me they're redoing the dodge gym bridge that thing is awful--imagine opaque-glass bridge, uplit. arching across to pupin. a new staircase to dodge, winding downards. enter right, swoop under the arc to the left. meet dodge's entrance, and swoop once again below to levien. better access and more light. this even creates a new dodge gym lobby--is the arch the staircase's roof or more space to check in to the gym?

    if only CU facilities new better!

  3. Anonymous

    They are also completing construction on the new computer facility below in the grove as well, that is why there is so much construction in that area. Dodge is slated to be renovated this summer.

  4. Blunts in Butler

    Haha. Barrier. Haha.

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