KevSho Endorses Orgo Night

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In a remarkable change of heart from last semester’s public scolding, Dean Shollenberger now whole-heartedly, enthusiastically supports this year’s Orgo Night, and encourages you to do the same!!!

Perhaps the greatest use of ellipses ever Perhaps the greatest use of ellipses ever

Want more? Orgo Night is next Thursday, May 9th at 11:59 pm in 209.

Excuse the crappy quality we were just too amused Excuse the crappy quality we were just too amused

A bit weaker than most A bit weaker than the previous two

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  1. Kim Jong-Un  

    I'm offended that they would dare compare my glorious self to Psy. I'm emailing multicultural affairs.

  2. cc'14  

    !! yes. just yes.

  3. the kevsho poster  

    looks like most of my cc papers

  4. c'mon  

    It is Ke$ho.

  5. Now  

    if they could only ban the ugly talkative Barnard sorority chicks (identifiable by pathetic laptop stickers) from Butler. Occupying all the space and not doing shit, take your socializing elsewhere..this is a fucking LIBRARY!

    • Van Owen  

      Is the b-school branching out now?

    • Anonymous  

      I hope you find Jesus young man

    • CC '13  

      there's something to be said about the need [of so many cc/seas students] to talk down about barnard students. it'd be interesting to find out if there's a correlation between GPA and one's sentiments about barnard. as in, students with relatively lower GPAs feel a greater need to criticize barnard (i.e. feel more threatened by barnard women). i get the sense that dissing barnard students is really just a way of compensating for one's own shortcomings. yet no one ever talks about that. we choose instead to focus on the alleged inferiority complexes of barnard students.

      it'd also be interesting to find out what role gender plays in all of this. are female students of cc/seas more likely to have animus toward barnard students? and if so, why?

    • Not Wharton '14  

      As a member of the business school, I firmly support arbitrarily and maliciously banning entire groups of people from shared campus resources. If you guys are looking for ways to help make this campus a better place for bitter, discriminatory jerks like us, I'd be interested in meeting up to talk about ways that we can get the athletes off the lawns, hipsters out of Avery and freshman out of 1020.

  6. Bill McGill

    The band rocks!

  7. Oh man, Marching Band

    It's hard to feel bad for all the shade you (will) get

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